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Do You Have "A Passion for Giving"?

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Do You Have "A Passion for Giving"?

(from 11/17/09)

passionforgivingleacocks.jpg Robert and Robin Baker Leacock
Yesterday, I finally got around to seeing A Serious Man by Joel and Ethan Coen. I have mixed feelings about their movie, but think their script is exceptional. In that script, if I heard correctly (50-50 chance!), is a line that is said twice: "Helping others, couldn't hurt." Those simple words are almost lost in all the dialogue--in fact, both times it's almost a throwaway line--but that they're presented in an understated manner doesn't make them any less profound. The film is set in 1967, but today, as the economy crumbles and jobs are lost and charities become more desperate for donations and volunteers, those words certainly resonate even more. "Helping others" made me think (twice) about an upcoming documentary that will be playing on PBS this Saturday afternoon. It's titled A Passion for Giving, and advances the idea that donating money and oneself not only helps the less fortunate but also cleanses one's soul and makes hearts soar--and it points out that the kindness of strangers has a positive impact both in our own communities and around the world. Of note: its director Robin Baker Leacock is the daughter-in-law of pioneer documentary director Richard Leacock and the wife of his talented son Robert Leacock (in the photo with Robin), an important documentary director and cinematographer in his own right who helmed the camera on this film. She says, "My hope is that this film will encourage people to act--whether giving of time or money, helping people, animals or the environment. That is the coolest thing, the most fun thing people can do right now or ever is to help other people." I want to pass along the followiing publicity release to Brink readers so you all can be sure to put this 50-minute documentary on your calendar. If you're going out, set your DVR. A Passion For Giving is airing November 21st on WNET (PBS) at 1:00pm ET

He who obtains has little. He who scatters has much.--Lao-Tzu
Documentary features Run DMCs Darryl McDaniels (The Felix Organization), Alexandre De Lesseps (BlueOrchid), Gael Greene (City Meals on Wheels), John Sykes (VH-1s Save the Music), Richard Branson, Dan Aykroyd, Fran Lebowitz, Mr. Smiley and more.
Robin Baker Leacock's uplifting documentary A Passion For Giving is about the simple gesture of giving, and its importance on our world locally and globally.
"I think that's the biggest shift any person can make. That is the coolest thing that you can do, the most fun thing that you can do, the most sexy thing that you can do - right now or ever is to help people!"--writer / director Robin Baker Leacock
Baker Leacock explores the peoples passion for giving through revealing interviews and candid conversations with a diverse group of people, including Richard Branson, Ross Bleckner and Bob Collacello co-founders of ACRIA, Gael Greene founder of City Meals on Wheels, Louise Stephaich for Albert Schweitzer Hopital in Haiti, Alexandre De Lesseps founder of BlueOrchid orphanage in Burma. Run DMCs Darryl McDaniels founder of The Felix Organization, Henry Buhl founder of Soho + Tribeca Partnership, Missy Hargraves for Wildlife Rescue, And John Sykes on behalf of VH1s Save the Music among others.
A Passion for Giving is produced and directed by Baker Leacock and filmed by Emmy-award winning director/cinematographer Robert Leacock, son of legendary cinema verite pioneer Richard Leacock, whose credits include Madonna's Truth or Dare and Al Pacino's Looking for Richard.
An established filmmaker, Robin Baker Leacocks credits include It Girls for WE: Womens Entertainment Network; I'll Take Manhattan, which was screened as an official selection at the Montreal World Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival and Hamptons International Film Festival; and a series of summer documentaries for Plum TV in the Hamptons.
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A Passion For Giving is airing November 21st on WNET (PBS) at 1:00pm ET
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